8 Tips on Moving to a New Country

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1. Make sure to Plan Finances Carefully: Moving to a new country may require new costs and different prices. Make sure to do your research and find out how much fuel is, public transportation, gas, phone, and all your bills. Find averages because it may be different. Also, plan the cost of moving, plane tickets and moving your stuff to make sure you can afford it.

2. Learn the Language – Even though most countries speak English, make sure to learn the local language, makes it easier to make friends and communicate. If you already know the language join a book club to learn more and make friends while learning more about linguistics.
3. Research Currency Change – Make sure to incorporate the currency change and that you have enough money to start out. After you will be fine, but make sure that you won’t go under before you are finished moving. Are you going to make enough to survive?
4. Find a Rental Service to Help Find Your Home – It may cost more but a rental service will help you find a good neighborhood with good schools, stores, and things to do nearby. They can also help you find a grocery store that the locals use so you can expand your plate and dive into the new culture.

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5. Stay Positive – It is normal to be homesick, this just connects you to the place and close friends you grew up with, just embrace the feeling and stay positive. Join local communities, groups, and classes to meet friends with similar interests. Plan trips ahead of time and buy a plane ticket for the next holiday so you have some family time to look forward to.

6. Get a local Number – You have to do this! It makes it easier to make new friends and be a part of your new home. Get it ASAP. Don’t wait.

7. Download Skype – Love Skype – Get Skype Credit – Skype is a great way to connect with friends and family members back home and save you money. Tell everyone to get Skype before you move so it won’t be a hassle. Use it frequently it is free!

8. Enjoy Your New Home – Now you are here and it is time to make it your home, get settle in, decorate, add family picture, and break in your new house. You moved here for a reason now embrace your new life and remember why you moved there in the first place. Have a good time and sooner than later you will feel right at home.

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