Organize Your Whole House with One Trip to the Dollar Store

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I reblogged this article because it is AWESOME! You don’t need tons of money to organize your house, here are 100 ways to organize with just a trip to the Dollar Store.

Organize your Whole House with One Trip to the Dollar Store

There are any number of excuses I can make for why I haven’t taken the time to organize our house:  not enough time to do it all, don’t know where to start, organizational supplies are too expensive, etc.  It’s easy to get discouraged and quit before I am even started.  But the truth is, the supplies to get an entire house in order don’t have to cost a small fortune.  Most of them can be found right at the local dollar store.

To prove this to myself, and to you, I took a trip to my local Dollar Tree.  ONE trip, no going back for forgotten items or things they didn’t have in stock.  I brought along my iPod and took photos of all the supplies they carry that can be used to get a house in order.

The uses for some of the supplies are obvious; you use the drawer organizers to organize drawers and the laundry bags to hold dirty (or clean) laundry.  But you can use items found at the Dollar Store for many organizational purposes.  How many, you ask?  Well, how about one hundred?
I have compiled 100 ways you can organize your whole house using items from the dollar store.  One trip, 100 solutions.  Let’s do this!

1.  Keep Each Family Member’s Toiletries Organized
2.  Easy Ribbon Dispenser
3.  Simple Freezer Organization
4.  Pretty Storage Bins
5.  Organized Cleaning Supplies
6.  Organized Kids’ Art Closet
7.  Plastic Bin Bookshelf
8.  Thread Organization
9.  Under-Sink Drying Rack
10. Hide Your Power Strips
11. Extra Closet Shelves
12. Laundry Room Organization

Read the rest of the Article Below:

Organize Your Whole House with One Trip to the Dollar Store.


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