10 Tips for Moving with Pets

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10 Tips for Moving with Pets



  1. Update your pets tag: Don’t forget to update your pets tag with your new address. The pet tag should include your new address, telephone number, pet name, and cell phone number. You don’t want to lose your beloved animal.
  2. Find out what pet laws and regulations are: Find out the leash laws, pet ordinances, and pet licensing requirements are for your new location. Make sure pets are allowed if you are renting a house or apartment and carefully review the lease.                    Image
  1. Keep your pet calm during the move: a great way do keep your pet happy and not stressed is to put them in a safe, quiet, place like the bathroom during moving day with a sign, “Do Not Disturb! Pets Inside!” Make sure your pet has a well-ventilated place with food, water, and chew toys.   Also, be sure and take your pets out, you don’t want more mess to clean up!
  2. Keep your pet safe: The best way to travel is with your dog in a crate, when it comes to cats you can keep them in a carrier in the car. Make sure the crate or carrier is secure with a seat belt and bring some of their favorite toys to keep them happy. Be sure to bring plenty of food and water; a weeks worth is a good idea just in case of emergencies. Don’t leave your pet alone in the car, especially in the heat! 😀
  3. Prepare your new home for your pet: Some pets get confused and afraid in new surroundings, it is good to bring some familiar things your pet will need such as a bed, litter box, food, food tray, medications, and toys that way they can feel right at home. If you didn’t move very far away your pet may try to find a way back to your old home. Just to be safe give your old neighbors your phone number and ask them to contact you if they see your pet.                                                                                                         Image
  4. Find New Veterinarian: If you are going to be moving too far away from your vet contact your veterinarian and get a copy of your pet’s vaccinations and medical history to fax or give to your new vet. If there is an emergency and your former vet is far away you can’t get any medications right away without a client/ patient relationship.
  5. Plan Ahead: If you are traveling far and need to spend the night somewhere make sure it is pet friendly. It is always to book ahead to make sure everything runs smoothly.
  6. Keep Calm: I know moving is the third stressful life event following death and divorce, but it is good to keep your energy calm because your pet can sense when you are stressed and amped up. The calmer you are, the calmer your pet will be.                      Image
  7. Plan Air Travel: If you have to fly your pet check with our veterinarian and the airline to make sure it is ok. Many airlines require a health certificate from your vet. Find out what the requirements are for your airline. It is beneficial to prepare your pet for the flight by familiarizing them with the crate they will stay in and practicing and awarding good behavior. If you don’t do that your pet could panic and many airlines won’t let you open the crate to help.
  8. Get familiar with your new home: If you can get familiar with the neighborhood, take your dog on walks around and if you can meet some of the neighbors. This will make both you and your pet feel at home.

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