What You Should Know Before Moving to Boise, Idaho

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What You Should Know Before Moving to Boise, Idaho

Friendly community

friendly boise people
People in Boise are friendly happy people

The people in Boise are very friendly and happy people. There’s a lot to be happy about. Boise was listed one of the best places to live in 2009 and 2nd on Forbes “Best Places to Raise a Family” in 2012.

Outdoor Recreation


Boise features many outdoor activities year round. There are countless activities to try. You can bike and hike close to the downtown area. There are many hikes in Boise; one of the popular hikes close to Boise is the Boise River Greenbelt, which is great for biking or walking. For some outdoor winter activities you can enjoy some cross-country and downhill skiing, snowboarding, and tubing at the Bogus Basin Mountain. There are river-rafting tours offered on the Boise River. Many ranch getaways offer horseback riding.

Boise Culture


Boise is known for as a hub for music and performing arts. The Gene Harris Jazz Festival happens every spring. There is a variety of museums to visit including, the Boise Art Museum, Basque Museum and Cultural Center, and the Discovery Center of Idaho. Theater is also very popular and there are many theater groups working in the city like the Idaho Shakespeare Festival. Every five years the community holds a large Basque festival called Jaialdi, which is a way to promote and sustain Basque culture in the U.S. it has been going on for nearly 30 years.

Safe for a Family

safe neighborhood

Boise has 35.2% lower crime rate than the national average in 2010, and 5.8% lower for property crime. Most of the crimes were larceny and theft. If you would like to live in a safe city for your family, Boise is very safe.

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All Four Seasons


Do you like to have snow during the winter? Most likely a white Christmas! And do you like hot and dry in the summer? The climate in Boise goes right along with the seasons; you actually get four different seasons and climates unlike say California.

Best City Lists

Boise routinely shows up on various lists of best cities, such as….

Traveling is Easy

Interstate 84 is known as the Great Connector and it provides you an easy route to Portland or Salt Lake City. Boise is great for a Road Trip; Boise is close to a few very popular cities like Las Vegas, Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco.

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 11.07.36 AM

Silly Laws

zoo boise

It is technically illegal to ride on a merry-go-round on a Sunday. It’s an old law and isn’t really enforced, but be careful kids and don’t break the law.



Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad is from Boise; Actor Aaron Paul Sturtevant graduated from Centennial High School early with the Class of 1998. He left Boise to pursue his acting career in 1982.


Brandi Sherwood from Boise took the title of Miss Teen USA in 1989 before being crowned Miss USA in 1997! Wow! Not just a small town lady.

Nickleback Fans are Unwelcome


Nickleback Fans are not welcome in Boise. In fact, in the local Boise Weekly newsletter there was an article stating all of the things you could buy instead of a Nickleback ticket.

Two Headed Calf

two headed calf

Boise is known for some of the most iconic museum items. One of those was the two-headed calf at the Idaho State Historical Museum. There are many great museums in to explore like the Basque Museum and Cultural Center, Boise Art Museum, and Idaho Botanical Garden. Two

Beer is Sold Here


Featured in Boise are a vast variety of breweries. It’s not hard to come up upon a brewery without trying. They are popping up quickly and taking over Boise. Boise is a great place to try many breweries such as Dragon Brewery, 10 Barrel Brewery, Cloud 9 Brewery, Crooked Fence, Sockeye Grill & Brewery and more.

Smurf Turf

bluefieldBroncos are a huge part of Boise and many think that the blue turf at the Bronco Stadium is a result of some crazy prank, but it isn’t.   The blue turf was intentional and intended to gain Boise State University some national publicity. Well, it definitely worked. If it’s one thing you know about sports, you know about the blue smurf turf at BSU. It was the first non-green field in American football.


Most Innovative Citiesmicron

Would you like to start a business? Boise is the place as it ranked for the 20 Most Innovative Cities in of the West by Sunset Magazine. Micron is a top gun and one of the city’s largest employers, along with Inovus Solar, Tsheets, and Sky Detective.

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