What You Should Know Before Moving to Boise, Idaho

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What You Should Know Before Moving to Boise, Idaho

Friendly community

friendly boise people
People in Boise are friendly happy people

The people in Boise are very friendly and happy people. There’s a lot to be happy about. Boise was listed one of the best places to live in 2009 and 2nd on Forbes “Best Places to Raise a Family” in 2012.

Outdoor Recreation


Boise features many outdoor activities year round. There are countless activities to try. You can bike and hike close to the downtown area. There are many hikes in Boise; one of the popular hikes close to Boise is the Boise River Greenbelt, which is great for biking or walking. For some outdoor winter activities you can enjoy some cross-country and downhill skiing, snowboarding, and tubing at the Bogus Basin Mountain. There are river-rafting tours offered on the Boise River. Many ranch getaways offer horseback riding.

Boise Culture


Boise is known for as a hub for music and performing arts. The Gene Harris Jazz Festival happens every spring. There is a variety of museums to visit including, the Boise Art Museum, Basque Museum and Cultural Center, and the Discovery Center of Idaho. Theater is also very popular and there are many theater groups working in the city like the Idaho Shakespeare Festival. Every five years the community holds a large Basque festival called Jaialdi, which is a way to promote and sustain Basque culture in the U.S. it has been going on for nearly 30 years.

Safe for a Family

safe neighborhood

Boise has 35.2% lower crime rate than the national average in 2010, and 5.8% lower for property crime. Most of the crimes were larceny and theft. If you would like to live in a safe city for your family, Boise is very safe.

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All Four Seasons


Do you like to have snow during the winter? Most likely a white Christmas! And do you like hot and dry in the summer? The climate in Boise goes right along with the seasons; you actually get four different seasons and climates unlike say California.

Best City Lists

Boise routinely shows up on various lists of best cities, such as….

Traveling is Easy

Interstate 84 is known as the Great Connector and it provides you an easy route to Portland or Salt Lake City. Boise is great for a Road Trip; Boise is close to a few very popular cities like Las Vegas, Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco.

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 11.07.36 AM

Silly Laws

zoo boise

It is technically illegal to ride on a merry-go-round on a Sunday. It’s an old law and isn’t really enforced, but be careful kids and don’t break the law.



Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad is from Boise; Actor Aaron Paul Sturtevant graduated from Centennial High School early with the Class of 1998. He left Boise to pursue his acting career in 1982.


Brandi Sherwood from Boise took the title of Miss Teen USA in 1989 before being crowned Miss USA in 1997! Wow! Not just a small town lady.

Nickleback Fans are Unwelcome


Nickleback Fans are not welcome in Boise. In fact, in the local Boise Weekly newsletter there was an article stating all of the things you could buy instead of a Nickleback ticket.

Two Headed Calf

two headed calf

Boise is known for some of the most iconic museum items. One of those was the two-headed calf at the Idaho State Historical Museum. There are many great museums in to explore like the Basque Museum and Cultural Center, Boise Art Museum, and Idaho Botanical Garden. Two

Beer is Sold Here


Featured in Boise are a vast variety of breweries. It’s not hard to come up upon a brewery without trying. They are popping up quickly and taking over Boise. Boise is a great place to try many breweries such as Dragon Brewery, 10 Barrel Brewery, Cloud 9 Brewery, Crooked Fence, Sockeye Grill & Brewery and more.

Smurf Turf

bluefieldBroncos are a huge part of Boise and many think that the blue turf at the Bronco Stadium is a result of some crazy prank, but it isn’t.   The blue turf was intentional and intended to gain Boise State University some national publicity. Well, it definitely worked. If it’s one thing you know about sports, you know about the blue smurf turf at BSU. It was the first non-green field in American football.


Most Innovative Citiesmicron

Would you like to start a business? Boise is the place as it ranked for the 20 Most Innovative Cities in of the West by Sunset Magazine. Micron is a top gun and one of the city’s largest employers, along with Inovus Solar, Tsheets, and Sky Detective.

If you do decide to move to Boise or anywhere in the U.S.

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Determine Whether You Should You Purchase Moving Insurance?

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Choose the right option for you to protect your belongings.

Purchasing Moving insurance


Mesa Moving and Storage would like our clients and customers to understand how valuation coverage options work and to provide the information needed so you can choose the right option for your move. No matter how smoothly the move goes it is always good to be prepared for accidents. Boxes can be bumped or dropped in transit no matter which company you go with. What can be controlled is what happens after.


Mesa Moving and Storage automatically includes “valuation” not insurance. Valuation is a predetermined amount of the current worth of items stated in the moving contract or bill of lading. This is automatically part of the contract.


Before you sign the contract (bill of lading) with your mover, you must decide how much your articles are worth and declare a value for your shipment.


Valuation is a declaration by the customer of the maximum amount of a carrier’s liability in the event of transit-related loss or damage. Valuation is not insurance and should not be referred to as insurance.  Some important differences between insurance and valuation are:



  • Policy issued
  • Covers loss/damage regardless of who is responsible
  • Governed by each state
  • Filing time limits vary by state and by insurance policy



  • No policy issued
  • A tariff carrier level of liability as authorized by Federal statute
  • Customer must prove loss occurred while in the carrier’s custody and Control
  • Carrier is not licensed to sell insurance
  • Nine-month claim filing time limit set by tariff and Bill of Lading



When going with Mesa Moving and Storage there are two types of insurance coverage options with us and for most moves:


Option 1 – Full Value Protection:


The most common coverage provided to customers moving with a corporate situation is Full Value Protection with $0 deductible is the default coverage for all household good shipments with certain accounts. Full value Protection equals to $6.00 per pound to the weight of your shipment, the cost of which will be included in your final charges.


Full Value Protection is the most comprehensive plan for your goods. When you select this option, articles that are lost, damaged or destroyed will, at the mover’s option, be either repaired, replaced with articles of like kind and quality, or a cash settlement will be made for the repairs or for replacement of the articles at their current market value, regardless of the age of the lost or damaged articles.  This is not defaulted to residential moves and you need to specify this option if chosen.


1) You can declare a value based on the weight of your shipment times an amount of not less than $6.00 per pound, or

2) You can declare a lump sum amount in excess of $6.00 times your shipment weight.



Option 2 – Alternative Level of Liability


The basic option is the most economical option available and this level of protection is provided at no additional cost; however it only provides minimal protection. Under this option the mover assumes liability for no more than 60 cents per pound per article for loss or damage. That means claims are settled upon individual weight of the article multiplied by 60 cents. This is the default option for most residential moves.


For example, if a 10-pound stereo component valued at $1,000 were lost or destroyed, your mover would be liable for no more than $6.00 (10 pounds multiplied by 60 cents).

Obviously, you should think carefully before agreeing to such an arrangement. This valuation option is considerably less than the typical value of household goods. There is no additional cost for this minimal protection and you must make a specific statement on the bill of lading agreeing to it.


3rd Party Relocation Involvement

Third Party Relocation companies handle insurance exactly the same for domestic and international shipments as described above. The only difference being is that when the insurance is billed to them, they usually mark up the insurance premium slightly to cover the cost of doing business plus revenue.


If you end up needing to make a claim, before you sign the inventory sheet you need to report the facts in detail on the original inventory sheet. Be sure to go over everything and make sure you aren’t missing anything before you sign this. If you notice damage after unpacking you have to file a claim within nine months after delivery and it is best to report the damage as soon as possible. The mover has to acknowledge receipt of your claim within 30 days and must deny or make an offer within 120 days.


Determine the Value of Your Household Goods:


  1. Write down all of your expensive and valuable items (cameras, glassware, electronics) and give each a number and an approximate weight.
  2. Give each item or box on your list a replacement value, meaning what it would cost to replace the item with another item of comparable value and quality. If you are moving valuable fine art, instruments or antiques make sure to tell your moving company so they can apply extra caution.
  3. Gather all photos and items that have sentimental or high value. This will help in keeping track of your inventory.
  4. Add up the number of items, the total weight, and the total value. Keep this on hand when you are questioning different moving companies to compare and also to help determine which coverage to get.

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Tips on Moving with Children

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Moving with Childrenmoving-with-children

A move to a new home can be an exciting experience for children, if you employ careful planning from start to finish. Planning begins with informing them of the upcoming move and includes organizing the details of relocating, as well as getting acquainted with your new community.

The positive approach – When your family is planning to relocate, your reaction to the upcoming changes is most important. Children normally reflect their parents’ attitudes. Accentuate the positive. A positive parental attitude will go a long way toward soothing fears and creating an atmosphere of anticipation for the children.

Prepare them in advance for the move. Tell them immediately about the move. Give them time to adjust to the idea.
Answer all questions. Explain the reasons for the move as explicitly as necessary, depending on the child’s age. An honest question-and-answer session will give you an idea of the specific concerns your children have about the move. This will give you the chance to resolve their fears and let them know you are interested in their opinions and feelings.
Permit children to participate. This will give them a sense of responsibility and self-worth.
Choose a professional moving company. A company experienced in moving families will minimize your responsibilities. Then, you can devote more time to your children.

With these steps, you can ease the insecure feelings some children experience when removed from familiar surroundings. It is difficult to break strong ties to the old home, neighborhood, school and close friends. But remember, moving can be a great personal growth opportunity for all family members, including children. Take advantage of the situation and make it a truly exciting experience for everyone.

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Take-along Suggestions:

Here’s a checklist of things to take in the car with you:

• Baby
• Suitable clothing
• Diaper or utility bag
• Blankets
• Disposable diapers
• Nursers with plastic throwaway liners, nipples and pacifiers
• Baby food, formula, fruit juice, water and a cap opener
• Favorite cuddle toy
• Baby toiletries such as powder, lotion, oil and cotton balls
• Safety-approved infant car seat
• First-aid kit (Discuss with your pediatrician any medications you should have on hand. Include a thermometer, baby pain reliever and a small hot water bottle, which also can be used as an ice bag.)


• Collapsible stroller Child’s portable car toilet Safety-approved car seat Favorite small toy
• Elementary to preteen
• Children in their elementary and preteen years are easier to keep content during a long trip. Provide them with a few travel games, coloring books and comic books. Let them visit the local variety store for ideas.
• Teenager
• Teenagers probably will have their own ideas of travel entertainment, but might enjoy favorite books or travel games. Many just enjoy watching the scenery.


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How to Move a Wine Collection

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Moving a Wine Collection

move a wine collection

Because your wine collection represents a sizable investment, every precaution should be taken prior to moving to ensure its safe transportation.


  • Have your high-value collection appraised by a qualified person. Appraisal fees very widely from area to area. Appraisers charge either an hourly rate or a flat fee. The best way to locate a wine appraiser is through a local wine merchant who keeps abreast of current values on certain vintages.
  • Photograph your collection to document its contents.
  • Let your moving representative know you will be moving wine or other high-value items.
  • Special arrangements may be necessary to ensure your collection will reach its destination safely.
  • You will need to complete the High-Value Inventory Form to assure that your collection is not limited to minimal liability. The form will be provided by your United sales representative during the pre-move survey. Your mover will explain the protection plans from which you may choose. Replacement protection offered by most major moving companies affords you the best possible coverage against loss or damage in transit. If you choose United’s Full Value Coverage Plan, we recommend that you provide copies of the appraisal to your sales representatives.

Legal considerations

Check with the alcohol beverage control authorities in your destination state before you move. Some states have restrictions governing the amount of alcohol that can be brought in for personal use.

Most wine experts agree the older the wine, the more delicate its flavor.

  • Extreme changes in the temperature may affect the taste and appearance of your wine.
  • The best temperature for storing and transporting wine is 55 degrees.
  • White wines and less expensive “supermarket” brands are less susceptible to damage by temperature.

For a small, manageable collection, we recommend transporting the collection by car, where atmospheric conditions can be better controlled. A climate-controlled van can be used to move a very large or rare collection. However, arrangements must be made early and the additional cost may be more than you wish to spend. Ask your United agent for details.
The best time to move your collection is early spring or late fall. The temperature in the van during the summer months can be very high, and in the winter there is the possibility of the wine becoming slushy, which can alter the flavor. If your move must take place in the summer or winter months, you may want to consider moving your collection via a commercial airline. If you want the wine to be professionally packed, consult your mover. Your prompt delivery to the airport and pick-up of the wine at destination will limit its exposure to temperature extremes.


Take care to prepare your wine for the move. United has specially designed boxes to pack fragile items. If you plan to do the packing yourself, boxes may be purchased from your local United agent.

  • Corked wines should be placed on their sides or upside down in the packing container to keep the corks wet.
  • Do not pack bottles that have been opened.
  • Label the box FRAGILE – THIS SIDE UP.
  • Even if you use extreme care in packing your wine, “bottle shock” may occur from the wine shaking within the bottle as it is moved. If opened too soon, a loss of flavor may result. To prevent this, be sure to allow the bottles to rest at your destination at least seven days for every day your shipment is in transit.

Final thoughts

Mesa Moving and Storage will prepare an inventory of your shipment prior to loading. When you reach destination, carefully check your household goods and wine collection against the form. Should there be any loss or damage, be sure to note it on the inventory. Contact Mesa Moving and Storage who will help you complete a claim form.

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Moving Checklist

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Moving Checklist


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2 Months Before:

• Check with your employer to see if you have expense benefits

• Plan your moving method (truck, hiring movers, etc.) Get estimates and do your research make sure to ask if they are insured and if they have full time movers or if they are temporary

• Begin going through your stuff to donate or sell and plan if you have to downsize or get storage

• Take inventory of all of your valuable items you plan to move

• Get all of your records together, school records, medical records, etc.

• Talk to your kids about the move ahead of time to help them prepare, especially if they are switching schools


6 Weeks Before

• Get an idea of a moving date

• Communicate with the landlord about your upcoming move and check on moving out policies or guidelines

• Gather Moving Supplies – Gather up more moving boxes than you think you need like, bubble wrap, boxes, tape, and packing paper


1 Month Before Moving

• Discard items you don’t need and consider having a garage sale

• Contact your doctors, dentists, and any other appointments if you will be changing.  Your current ones may provide a recommendation

• Check with your homeowners insurance to see if moving is covered and arrange changes and set up renters or homeowners insurance if needed for your new location

• If moving with Mesa, decide which items you’ll pack and which items you’d like Mesa to pack.  We can provide you with great packing materials

• Begin Packing – Pack up the rooms and items you don’t use often and label your boxes. Make a labeling key with each room designated as a specific color.

• Notify all your utility companies that you are moving and arrange new accounts if possible:

•   Electricity, Power, Gas

•   Home Owners or Renters Insurance

•   Television and Internet


2 Weeks Before Moving

• Plan a meal plan to discard and use all of your refrigerated and frozen food items.  Moving companies can’t transport perishables so try to minimize so you don’t have to move them.

• Gather up all un-allowables like food, aerosols, flammables, extreme valuables, etc.

• Notify the Post Office your change-of-address and all other mail that needs to be redirected

• Return library books and other things you have borrowed

• Drain fluids from lawn mowers, snowblowers, weed trimmers, leaf blowers, etc.


1 Week Before Moving

• Confirm move date, and time and get down all of the specifics

• Begin cleaning rooms that you don’t use frequently to make sure the cleanup is easy

• Finish packing and labeling all of your boxes

• Back up computer files and carefully pack electronics


Day of Move

• Pack your suitcase – make sure and pack all of your essentials and pretend you are going out of town to bring a change of clothes and medication needed for the next couple days so you aren’t digging through boxes to find what you need

• Gather things you will need for the road like snacks, games, and a flashlight to take on your trip

• Do a thorough walk through of your house to take inventory of your items. Make sure you don’t sign off until you have everything listed

• Make sure everything is cleaned up and locked up before you leave your old house


Notify Service Companies:

•   Bank

•   Electric

•   Gas

•   Telephone

•   Water

•   Television/ internet

•   Newspaper/ Magazine


Places that Need Your Change of Address:

•  Post Office

•   Employer

•   Insurance

•   Creditors or Local Credit Bureau

•  Doctors, Dentists

•   Magazines or Newspaper subscriptions

•   Clubs or Associations

•   IRS


Save to Your Phone (screenshot) or Print out for a Handy Checklist 😀

Moving Checklist


Here is a List of Prohibited Items for Mesa Moving & Storage and Most Movers:

prohibited items for mesa moving

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Moving Tips – What to Know when Booking a Professional Mover

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Professional movers, full service movers, moving company

1. Choose the right mover: Investigate the movers you call
• Size matters – the size of the company and how many trucks and employers they have will affect your move.  The mover you choose needs to have the resources to finish your move successfully and efficiently.
• Proven track record: Look up reviews on Google, Yelp, and how long they have been in the moving industry.  – Check out Mesa Moving & Storage Reviews on Google – Moving Reviews from Customers 

• Select the right agent for the right van line: Some Van Lines are very reputable but make sure and do your research to get the right agent that will take care of you.
• Ask about their process: Ask about what the movers do, their process, and what you’ll need to do


2. Plan ahead:
• In the summer time van lines require 2-6 weeks confirmation of dates as a minimum. (Wintertime minimums are days or 1-2 weeks).
• All van lines assign their best people first. If you want to get these top performers: ask for them, but book well in advance to ensure you can get them!
• Short notice moves can be challenging for any van line to perform at their best.

3. An Accurate Estimate is CRITICAL:
• The most important element of a successful move is an accurate estimate. When the crew arrives they are prepared, the driver has ample space in his truck, and everyone can focus on doing the job right.
• A low-balled estimate is one of the most risky options you face to having a moving nightmare. Drivers don’t come prepared with enough truck space, crews face long hours to get the job done, owner operator drivers want to know if they will be paid for all of the work they are doing. All of this affects crew morale. Results can include: overflows, add-on charges, unhappy/distracted crews and drivers, and damage to belongings.

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4. Price it Right: 
• If you want a superb move you want the top-notch crew members and driver from your mover. United Van Lines’ crews and drivers are leaders of quality in the industry. However, we have our A-rated drivers who are the best of the best with Mesa Moving and Storage.
• These A-rated drivers (based on low claims, on time service and customer satisfaction scores) have first choice of available tonnage. Naturally, they choose the best paying business.
• If you want to guarantee that you receive an A-rated driver you don’t want to over-discount your move. In fact, you might want to price your move a little better than the average guideline discount. (A premium of 3%-5% can make a big difference). Large discounts don’t always result in quality.


Case Study:
Recently we compared post move customer satisfaction scores to the discount applied to the move (+/- vs. the current guidelines). Over 1000 moves were sampled. The moves discounted lower than the guideline (i.e. paid a premium) had a 99% satisfaction response. Moves higher than guideline (i.e. highly discounted) reported a positive satisfaction response 90% of the time. This is still better than the industry average of 86%. However, our conclusion: paying a small premium for better service paid off.

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 2.00.56 PM

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8 Most Common, Expensive On-the-Job Injuries

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Don’t get stuck hurting yourself with your next big office move, let Mesa Moving and Storage do the work for you. Mesa Moving and Storage does full service moving for Office and Industrial, recommend us for your company move.
By Rachel Lewis, Contributor
May 21st, 2014 @ 11:15am
Work Injury- shutterstock

SALT LAKE CITY — When a workplace injury occurs, actual injury costs are often between five to 50 times the size of the obvious direct costs of medical expenses and salary for the injured worker. Indirect costs include money spent on things such as repairing damaged equipment, time and money spent on hiring and training replacement personnel as well as lost productivity and quality because less experienced employees replace key injured employees. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, all direct and indirect costs associated with occupational injuries can comprise as much as 5 percent of a company’s total costs. “Preventing workplace accidents and injuries, aside from being the right thing to do, can save companies thousands of dollars on their insurance premiums and keep companies functioning at full capacity,” said Workers Compensation Fund CEO and President, Ray Pickup. “Workplace safety must become a priority for every company.” With June as national safety month, it’s a great time for employers and employees to review how to make their workplace safer. Your organization can start by focusing on systems and processes that have the greatest potential to cause injury as well as the most common injury types. Workers Compensation Fund 2013 Utah claims data shows:
Eight Most Common Claims from 2013

  1. Slip and Falls: 20%
  2. Cut: 17%
  3. Hit Against an Object: 16%
  4. Strain by Lifting: 12%
  5. General Strain: 12%
  6. Caught in Object 5%
  7. Burn 2%
  8. Motor Vehicle 2%

Average Claims Cost from 2013

  1. Motor Vehicle: $35,328
  2. Slip and Fall: $9,805
  3. Caught in Object: $8,066
  4. Strain by Lifting:: $4,497
  5. General Strains: $4,074
  6. Hit Against an Object: $3,905
  7. Burn: $1,927
  8. Cut: $1,278

Utah Workplace Safety Week Employers and employees are also being encouraged to further focus on safety during Utah Workplace Safety Week. In the 2014 Legislative Session, Senator Karen Mayne passed legislation to recognize Utah Workplace Safety Week as the fourth week of June. This year, Utah Safety Week will be from June 23-27. There will be a kick-off for Utah Workplace Safety Week on June 23 at the Utah State Capitol. At the event, a number of companies and organizations (Utah Labor Commission, UTA, Utah Safety Council and others) will gather to participate in the world’s largest proper-lifting safety demonstration. All organizations and individuals are invited to participate. “I would like to invite employers and workers to join me in celebrating workplace safety during Utah Workplace Safety Week,” said Senator Karen Mayne. “I also extend a specific invite to the capitol on June 23 to begin the week by setting a world-record for the largest safety demonstration. This event will draw attention to Utah’s dedication to keep workers safe.” The event will take place at the Capitol Rotunda on June 23 and at 11 a.m., remarks will be given by Senator Karen Mayne and Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox. At 11:30 a.m., there will be an overview of the “Four Steps of Proper Lifting.” The World’s largest safety demonstration will take place at 11:45 a.m. Participants are asked to wear orange. The event will end at 12 p.m. with lunch. Food trucks will be available on site. To learn more and find additional safety events around the state, click here.