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Why Hire a Moving Company?

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There are many reasons why to consider hiring a professional mover to help you with your move.

     1.  Relax – Peace of Mind:

Moving company Relax

To avoid this stressful event and have the professionals help –

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You – Moving is stressful; it is the 3rd most stressful situation in life following death and divorce.  Planning a move is overwhelming and tiring. You have to pack, minimize belongings, find friends and family to help, find a truck, load all your furniture and boxes to fit in a truck, drive truck to new location, unload, and unpack.

Professional – Hiring a professional takes a lot of the stress and hard work out of the equation.  You can have professional movers give you an estimate to have them load and deliver your stuff or you can go with full service movers, which will pack all your belongings nicely, unload, unpack, and even set up furniture.  It may be a little more costly but will save you time and energy. Having professional movers gives you a reliable option that will keep your belongings safe and protected to give you a piece of mind.

      2.  Time: Don’t waste your time, spend with your family

Professional movers

You – Think about the time it will take to get all your packing, loading, and unloading done. Time is money. How much is your time worth? You could be spending time with your family, making dinner, getting the children to school instead. Plus, professionals will get it done in a fraction of the time.

The average person is not used to lifting and maneuvering a fridge or washer throughout a house or benching a couch.  You will probably need to get your closest friends and family to help you move, hopefully they are willing to give up their weekend.   With all different types of people trying to manage the move there will be some compromising on how to get it done.

Professional –

Professional movers are trained professionals and are typically strong men that are used to lifting and moving heavy furniture and boxes.  They also usually have a system to get it done quickly and efficiently.  This will save you a lot of time from getting distracted and trying to figure a way to fit everything in a truck. While the professional mover is driving your stuff to your new location safely, you can be on a plane or drive and relax without having the worry of driving and maneuvering a large truck.

     3.  Breakage: Keep your TV and other items safe with moving professionals

movers moving a tv

You – If you or your friend or family member drops a flat screen TV or prized possession, you will be responsible for the damage and always secretly think about that one time your friend or family member broke one of your prized possessions.

Professional – The most important part of a move is how all your stuff is loaded into boxes and placed into the truck safely.  Movers are trained on loading everything efficiently and effectively to ensure that everything fits and is kept safe.  Plus, many moving companies offer insurance for special items and reassurance that everything will arrive in one piece.

If anything does happen and it is the movers’ fault they will be responsible for damages and keeping you happy.

     4.  Equipment – Nice to have all the equipment you need ready 


You – It’s a pain to get all the boxes you need for your packing. In fact, many people underestimate just how many boxes they need and half to stop midway and find more. Plus, buying boxes or finding free boxes is time consuming.

Most likely you aren’t used to hauling a huge truck around with tons of your possessions. You may also jump in the drivers spot being in charge of all your belongings without any experience in driving a large truck and this could result in damages in your belongings or accidents.  You may choose a truck that is too small to fit your belongings and realize it half way through loading it or get stuck with a truck that is too large and end up with extra space.

Professional – Movers come with all the equipment needed for an easy move like ropes, belts, and boxes.  We are trained professionals and can navigate the streets and heavy load with ease.

     5.  Save your aches and pains


You – Save your aches and pains; moving is back breaking work. It requires a lot of effort and may even send you to the chiropractor or doctor if you aren’t use to such strenuous work. You may even have to spend several days recovering from the move with all your sore muscles and joints from lifting heavy furniture and boxes. You may need some time to recuperate and soak sore muscles. It could be days until you feel well enough to unpack, organize, and even feel up to meet the new neighbors.

Professional – Hiring a professional means you have more time to get used to your new house and even happy to meet the new neighbors.  Some full service movers give you the option to have someone to unpack your things as well, which will save you even more time and effort.

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Tips on Moving with Children

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Moving with Childrenmoving-with-children

A move to a new home can be an exciting experience for children, if you employ careful planning from start to finish. Planning begins with informing them of the upcoming move and includes organizing the details of relocating, as well as getting acquainted with your new community.

The positive approach – When your family is planning to relocate, your reaction to the upcoming changes is most important. Children normally reflect their parents’ attitudes. Accentuate the positive. A positive parental attitude will go a long way toward soothing fears and creating an atmosphere of anticipation for the children.

Prepare them in advance for the move. Tell them immediately about the move. Give them time to adjust to the idea.
Answer all questions. Explain the reasons for the move as explicitly as necessary, depending on the child’s age. An honest question-and-answer session will give you an idea of the specific concerns your children have about the move. This will give you the chance to resolve their fears and let them know you are interested in their opinions and feelings.
Permit children to participate. This will give them a sense of responsibility and self-worth.
Choose a professional moving company. A company experienced in moving families will minimize your responsibilities. Then, you can devote more time to your children.

With these steps, you can ease the insecure feelings some children experience when removed from familiar surroundings. It is difficult to break strong ties to the old home, neighborhood, school and close friends. But remember, moving can be a great personal growth opportunity for all family members, including children. Take advantage of the situation and make it a truly exciting experience for everyone.

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Take-along Suggestions:

Here’s a checklist of things to take in the car with you:

• Baby
• Suitable clothing
• Diaper or utility bag
• Blankets
• Disposable diapers
• Nursers with plastic throwaway liners, nipples and pacifiers
• Baby food, formula, fruit juice, water and a cap opener
• Favorite cuddle toy
• Baby toiletries such as powder, lotion, oil and cotton balls
• Safety-approved infant car seat
• First-aid kit (Discuss with your pediatrician any medications you should have on hand. Include a thermometer, baby pain reliever and a small hot water bottle, which also can be used as an ice bag.)


• Collapsible stroller Child’s portable car toilet Safety-approved car seat Favorite small toy
• Elementary to preteen
• Children in their elementary and preteen years are easier to keep content during a long trip. Provide them with a few travel games, coloring books and comic books. Let them visit the local variety store for ideas.
• Teenager
• Teenagers probably will have their own ideas of travel entertainment, but might enjoy favorite books or travel games. Many just enjoy watching the scenery.


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Moving with Movers: Understanding the Documents You Sign

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Understanding the documents you sign is something that customers should know when moving with professional movers. Here are some tips to understanding the paperwork before signing and what to ask so you understand all the legalities about your move. We want all of our customers with Mesa Moving & Storage to feel safe and happy during their move. Many feel too embarrassed to ask to explain the fine print before signing, such as when we purchase a car or when a document looks complex because we feel it makes us look unintelligent, but there is nothing wrong with asking! It will save you more hassle and issues in the future.


Customer is referred to a “shipper”, and when the shipper is not well informed about valuation, coverage of personal belongings, inventories, and exclusions for liability many instances there is a misunderstanding. Most of the paperwork has to do with loss prevention.


One of the most important things to understand is valuation. Valuation simply means the “degree of worth” of the shipment you are sending with the moving company. You will be asked to declare the value of your shipment and how much coverage you want in the event there is damage, including if your entire shipment were destroyed through some type of accident. It is important to know how much all your belongings are worth.


Talking about damage to your belongings is not something anyone likes to think about, anymore than you would if you were in a car lot buying a new car. Talking about the risk of damage isn’t a palatable topic in any industry. But in reality you know that in the back of your mind before you drive your new car off the lot, you need auto insurance to protect you from the “what if”. Moving is no different. Everything you spend years accumulating will be loaded onto a truck and transported on highways and roads where there is risk. Therefore, moving companies offer coverage for you belongings while they are being shipped.


It is important to know that you are not purchasing insurance from the moving company, you are purchasing coverage, known as a tariff provision, based on the value, or valuation, of your entire shipment. If you don’t purchase any additional coverage, your moving company will only be liable for sixty cents per pound per item if it is damaged. To put it in perspective if you have a DVD player that is destroyed and it weights two pounds, the settlement you would receive would be $1.20. That is not very much; especially if something were to happen to your entire shipment, so most prefer to purchase full value protection to have adequate coverage for you belongings.


If you purchase additional coverage, such as a type of full protection coverage you will be charged based on the value that you place on your shipment. The exact cost may vary on mover and have minimum purchase amounts, as well as deductibles.

Having full value protection is not replacement insurance, but it does give the mover the options of:

  1. Repairing any damages to an item to its original condition
  2. Paying for such repairs
  3. Replacing the article with an article of like kind
  4. Paying you the cost of a replacement article at the current market value


Many people believe that when they have, “full coverage insurance,” on their belongings they believe that if anything (even a scratch) were to happen on anything they own it will be replaced. That is not how moving coverage works.


When something is damaged the topic of what is repairable and what is not may become subjective. Do not hurry and read and understand your paperwork before signing it, that way you don’t have regrets and frustrations if damage occurs. Before you sign, ask your salesperson or moving coordinator who explains your paperwork to you and make sure you understand what you are signing and what type of coverage you have for you move.


Another term to be aware of is PBO, this means cartons are “packed by owner.” If the moving company packs the cartons for you this is CP or “carrier packed.” Moving companies do not cover items in cartons that they did not pack, because they have no control over the quality of the packing. Make sure you have packing protection and padding if you are packing cartons yourself.


It is important to understand exclusions and limits of liability that occurs with any coverage your moving company provides. Make sure to understand these terms and feel free to ask your mover. It is what you should do to protect your belongings in the event something is lost or damaged.


Inventories are something you will need to sign when you arrive to your destination. The inventories are a list of everything that is being shipped, and you must sign them before and after your move to make sure everything is delivered. It is your responsibility to walk through and check off everything and most importantly that you make notes on if anything is damaged during the unloading.


When you check off everything on your inventories and sign that everything is received, you are stating that there are no missing items. Take the time to do a careful walk-through before the movers leave; if anything is not checked off on the inventories take time to locate it. If you sign the document and find something is missing or damaged make note of it on the inventories before the movers leave. Both you and the driver should mutually confirm, document, and sign for any cargo or loss and any residence damage.

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